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About Fabian Seed Farms


Alberta Owned Family Business

Fabian Seed Farms is a 4th generation family-owned and operated seed farm in southern Alberta. We're a small business that believes in maximizing farmers' net profits in a holistic and environmentally sustainable way.

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Our main focus is to provide the most value for our customers. We achieve this through a hybridization of both conventional and organic practices. We strive to produce seed with the highest yield potential though spoon-fed balanced nutrition. We also provide industry-leading liquid fertility and biological products to help farmers make the best-informed decisions throughout the growing season.

Environmentally Aware & Sustainable Seed Growing

Unlike traditional seed growers that use conventional methods to grow their crops, we believe in taking a hands-on approach throughout the growing process. Here at Fabian Seed Farms, we take care of the "mother" crop to ensure the entire plant and the "babies" that she produces have the nutrients they need to flourish. We do this through annual soil testing, in-season tissue testing as well as SAP analysis throughout the growing season to ensure our seeds will fully develop from a healthy and thriving plant.

With traditional seed growing practices, 100% of the crop's fertility "needs" for the year are provided all at once while the crop is planted in the spring. Would you eat an entire month's worth of food in one single sitting? Neither would we, and neither do the plants. With our hybrid method, we are closely invested and involved in every step of the seed growing process. We help the crop thrive by spoon-feeding nutrients at critical points in the crop's life cycle. We want to create the most nutritious, healthy and environmentally sustainable seed using our holistic and hybrid approach.

This not only allows us to maximize the efficiencies of the nutrient delivery, resulting in substantially lower fertility rates but by balancing the nutrition ratios throughout the year, the plant is healthier as a result. In almost all cases, no fungicides or insecticides required, once again lowering input cost while enhancing soil biology as we go.

Fabian seed

Higher Yields With Our Higher-Performing Seed

Fabian seed

The best way to build your yield potential is to switch to a higher-performing seed. Your crop's maximum yield potential is genetically imprinted into each kernel. Only from there can you mitigate yield losses from stressors such as high-salt fertilizer, weather, pests, or disease.

Our seed is here to provide farmers with an option that offers a greater potential for higher yields and higher quality crops. We understand that investing hard-earned dollars into seed and then seeing a meagre harvest is difficult and it directly affects you. Fabian Seed Farms is here to offer economical solutions to maximizing your yields with our high-quality seed.

When you choose to buy our seed, you choose a seed grower that believes in quality, sustainability, and supporting other local farmers. Ultimately, by choosing Fabian Seed Farms, you are being offered a higher quality product while also helping to preserve the local agricultural industry's sustainability.

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Industry-Leading Products To Support Farmers


Fabian Seed Farms is happy to support Canadian farmers by offering products to help better facilitate crop growth. We are distributors for Agriculture Solutions (AGSOL) Canada and are proud to be representing them in Alberta to provide high-quality plant amendments to local farmers. AGSOL is the exclusive Canadian dealer for Graeme Sait's company Nutri-Tech Solutions (NTS) out of Australia. Graeme Sait is a world leader in regenerative and nutrition farming, developing products that are beneficial to soils, plants, humans, and the environment.

Fabian seed
Sunflower Ecotea organic certfied oil seed in Fabian Farm.


We are also proud to be southern Alberta's distributor of EcoTea™'s organic certified biological amendments line. With over 100,000 identified species of beneficial organisms, EcoTea™ offers an entire ecological community of microbes that can live symbiotically with our native Canadian soil microbes. This biological community will adapt to fit into almost any operation with a dry or liquid seed dressing, a balanced microbial liquid in-furrow, aerobic bacterial dominated foliar spray, or a fungal dominated residue digester. This helps recycle trash and nutrients back into your soil.

OMEX Canada

We also represent OMEX Canada and resell their products to local Alberta farmers. Their broad-spectrum liquid fertility can be custom catered for almost every situation. Whether that be seed primers, liquid in-furrow starters, hail recovery programs, foliar applications can be tank-mixed with herbicides, hormones to increase branching, organic products, spray adjuvants, and other industry-leading liquid fertility amendments.

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Supporting Sustainable Agriculture

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We represent these companies because we believe in their direction in the agricultural industry. We are farmers first, and we make our living from the quality seed we produce, not from how much fertilizer we can push. We offer these products because we use them in our operation, and we want to share the ever-changing information that we learn along the way with you, our customer, so that you can get off the input treadmill.

There will become a day when you no longer need synthetic fertilizer. You will be able to produce sustainable crops that are improving your soil health year over year. We help keep more money in your pocket and less going towards overseas shareholders of multi-national corporations. Let us help you get started on that journey. It will challenge some of the agronomic concepts you thought were absolutes, and change is never comfortable, but something needs to change in the agricultural industry, and it all starts with you, the farmer.

Contact our sales team today to experience the Fabian Seed Farms difference. Experience the difference our seed make during your next growing season.

Need Financing Help?

Fabian Seed Farms is happy to offer financing options through Scotiabank's Yield More Financing™ program. The Yield More Financing™ program provides a fast, flexible and convenient line of credit for use at Fabian Seed Farms, so you can stock up for the growing season without worrying about the upfront cost. We're more than happy to help you sign up and get you set up for your growing season. Contact us today to get started.

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