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Broad Spectrum Biology

What Is EcoTea™?

EcoTea™ is a combination of plant beneficial microbes for your soil and crops. EcoTea™ contains bacteria (bacillus, pseudomonas, rhizobium, azospirillum, Burkholderia, enterobacter, streptomyces), protozoa (amoeba, flagellate), fungi (Penicillium, aspergillus, Trichoderma), nematodes and mico-invertebrates, which together, facilitate the bio-availability of nitrogen, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and copper to the plant. These elements provide the nutrition needed to help plants thrive. When you use it, you'll experience benefits such as:

Restoring Soil Biodiversity

Providing Immediate Nutrients

Stimulating Plant Growth

Improving Soil Nutrients

Improving Soil Structure

Increasing Pest Resistance

Suppressing Disease

EcoTea™ is available as a dry or liquid seed dressing, as well as a liquid In-Furrow, Foliar or Residue Management amendment.

EcoTea™ Microbe Functions

  • Antibiotic Producing: In the presence of specific pathogens, some of the microbes in EcoTea™ can produce antibiotics to fight against the pathogens, increasing your plant's immune response.
  • Nitrogen Fixing: The bacteria in EcoTea™ are capable of fixing the nitrogen gas in the atmosphere to an organic form of nitrogen available for plants.
  • Iron Scavenging: Certain EcoTea™ bacteria will help your plants find and uptake iron, improving your crop's overall quality.
  • Phosphorus Solubilizing: EcoTea™ microbes can solubilize phosphorus that is locked up in soil aggregates. These microbes can reduce the amount of phosphorous applied by up to 20%.
  • Nutrient Cycling: The protozoa in EcoTea™ will "feed" off the functional bacteria releasing valuable nutrients in the plant's root zone, improving the crops' overall health and quality.
  • Plant Hormone Producing: EcoTea™ can produce a variety of plant growth hormones, IAA, cytokinins, gibberellins, ethylene.

Benefits Of EcoTea™

Increases Pest Resistance & Disease Suppression

The microorganisms in this product consume pathogenic organisms which do not harm plant beneficial insects. Because the microbes need to compete for space and resources against harmful bacteria and pests, it limits their presence. When this product is in the presence of pathogens, it can produce small amounts of antibiotics to help crops fight off the disease.

Restores Soil

Agricultural soils are under stress from various factors, such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. When these chemicals are used, they can eliminate soil biodiversity, allowing harmful bacterial and fungal pests to thrive. Meanwhile, this product helps to feed on the substances naturally present in the soil and unlocks them for plant use as the plants require.

Provides Immediate Nutrients

Plants cannot use nutrients that are present in the soil unless they are in certain forms. Many of these nutrients are locked up in humic materials in soil aggregates. The organisms in this product feed on substances naturally present in the soil, unlocking them for use as required by plants.

A Farmer sprinkling EcoTea with a mist sprayer in Fabian Seed Farms.
A gardening senior holding vegetables in hand in Fabian Seed Farms.

Stimulates Plant Growth

This product helps to stimulate plant growth by releasing micro-nutrients, plant hormones and enzymes in the root zones, making them available for plant uptake. The plant then releases sugar into the surrounding soils as a food source for microbes. When plants can use these hormones and enzymes, they focus more photosynthetic energy on vigorous growth.

Improves Soil Nutrition Retention

Most synthetic nutrients are not stabilized in soil, and are leached below the root zone with rainfall or irrigation. In turn, the plants are unable to absorb the nutrients. Nutrient leaching contributes to groundwater contamination, and in more intense areas of agriculture, can lead to soil acidification. EcoTea™ microbes extend the reach of plant roots, increasing root interception and therefore a reduction in environmental losses.

Improves Soil Structure

When you use EcoTea™, it will naturally improve your soil structure using microbial, fungal and invertebrate action. Oxygen will move into and through the soil allowing your plants to have more effortless root movement. This can also improve moisture retention and improves your soil's ability to deal with erosion and compaction.

Ready to experience the difference of EcoTea™? Contact our Fabian Seed Farms team to see if this is the right fit for your crops.

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