UA AlfaGold

This high –Yielding Open Pollenated Non-GMO Canola, developed by the University of Alberta Canola Breeding Program offers farmers a profitable alternative, without compromising yield.

Key Features of this canola are:


Seed Features

  • Excellent yield potential
  • Blackleg resistant
  • Certified seed
  • Good standability
  • Shatter-resistant pods
  • Low cost
  • Available treatment options are: Synthetic, Biological or Untreated.
  • Excellent choice for Organic producers. Can be treated with an Organically Certified Entomopathogenic Fungus, (call us for more information on this product)

*This seed variety is subject to a royalty and upon payment, it can be reused/replanted for one year.


Variety Performance Details

Yield: 116.7% of checks
Flowering: 3.5 days later than checks
Maturity: 2.4 days later than checks
Plant Height: 110.6 cm vs 102.7 cm for mean of the checks
Lodging: similar to the checks (2.9 vs 2.6)
Blackleg Resistance: Rated as R
Oil Content: 0.9% higher than the checks
Protein Content: 0.3% lower than the checks
Glucosinolate Content: 2.0 μmol lower than the checks (per g seed basis)
Saturate Level: 0.1% lower than the checks

*Checks were 46A65 and Q2