AAC Brandon has been a true performer for western Canada, and is still the variety to beat for overall yield combined with an excellent disease and lodging score. Learn more with the Technical Bulletin.


AAC Delight is the premiere variety specifically focused on the cattle producer. With its reduced awn expression (almost beardless) and it being selected for its low ergot susceptibility (best in its class), AAC Delight is rapidly gaining a name for quality hi tonnage feedstock.


Bobcat is a high-yielding forage triticale that has reduced awn expression, which means it has very short, almost non-existent beards. It has been widely adapted to all areas of North America for use as grazing, silage, greenfeed and now recently as a base for cover crop cocktail mixes.

Reduced awn expression is a feature of this variety that is popular with cattlemen who are concerned about lumpjaw.

It is very winter hardy making it suitable for areas that experience wide temperature fluctuations during the dormant period. It’s winter survivability is much greater than that of winter wheat making it an ideal choice for areas west of the Rockies that experience Chinook winds throughout the winter.

Lodging resistance is excellent which makes Bobcat fall triticale ideally suited to irrigation or higher rainfall areas.

Bobcat boasts a disease resistance to Leaf and Stem Rust.

We are taking bookings on a Pre-Order basis, as this crop usually is sold out quickly. Call us to discuss your needs or to pre-order to ensure you have supply for this fall’s growing season.


CDC Austenson is a 2-row hulled feed barley with top grain yield and short, strong straw. CDC Austenson produces grain yields higher than Xena, along with high test weight and large, plump kernels. CDC Austenson is well-adapted across western Canada, and compared to Xena, has shown improved resistance to prevalent races of net form net blotch, spot form net blotch and spot blotch. This variety is particularly well-suited to producers seeking a top-yielding, 2-row feed barley with improved performance over Xena.