Humic acid is very helpful in growing crops with optimum nutrition and consists of a group of molecules that bind to plant roots and help them receive water and nutrients. High humic acid levels will increase yields, and both farmers and gardeners will notice a positive difference. Humic acids serve as a medium for transporting nutrients from the soil to the plant because they can hold onto ionized nutrients. Additionally, humic acids are also attracted to the depletion zone of the plant root, and when they arrive at the roots, they will bring water and nutrients the plant requires.

How will Humic Acid Fertilizer help?

Humic acid offers a number of advantages and promotes the efficient absorption of nutrients from the soil. When plants are able to absorb the nutrients from the soil, they will grow healthier and will become more resistant to pests and diseases. In addition to improving nutrient uptake, humic acid will also stimulate root formation and seed germination and applying it to your soil will support your garden’s microbial ecosystem. 

When beneficial microorganisms thrive, you will achieve a healthy garden. Humic acid will increase plant enzymes which is very important in plant growth processes like cell division, hormone regulation and energy production. 

Finally, humic acid will also improve soil structure and function, which will ensure better aeration and drainage and will decrease heaviness in clay soils.

Benefits of Humic Acid

Increased nutrient uptake

Humic acid is a sure way to increase nutrient intake in plants, and this is the reason why it pairs perfectly with fertilizers and why they make such a great soil amendment. When humic acid is not present, some of the nutrients provided by the fertilizer may become inaccessible to plants, and your plants will suffer.

Decreased toxins

Humic acids can chelate harmful toxins in the soil and prevent them from entering the plant. This is especially important in today’s soil environment as there are so many toxins like pesticides and heavy metals present, and these pollutants will degrade soil quality. Humic molecules have the power to capture these toxic molecules and lock them up; they are eventually flushed away, which means you don’t have to worry about their connection to your plants. 

Increased water retention

Humic acids can increase water retention in soils as the negative charge of humic acids attracts positive ions, which will stick to the humic molecule. These positive ions will then move slightly away from the humic molecule and will attach loosely to the oxygen end of water molecules. This will cause the hydrogen ends of those water molecules to attach to the hydrogen ends of other water molecules, which will significantly reduce water evaporation.

Better soil structure

Humic acids can bond to all soil particles because it carries both positive and negative charges and has a very large molecular size. This will help create the necessary space for microbes and healthy root growth, and humic acids can also remove salts from clay and allow for more water penetration. 


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