At Fabian Seed Farms Inc. we offer our customers a complete package of the latest seed varieties and complimentary services. From delivery, to custom seed treating, to convenient payment options we understand the value of your time and do our best to keep you in the field while the sun is shining.


Harvesting Services

Starting spring of 2016, we are offering custom corn planting and harvesting services to complement our lineup of corn seed available. Bundling packages for greater discounts. Contact us for details.


With our new seed handling facility we now have an overhead weigh bin to get the exact amount you need the first time without extra trips. This eliminates wasted time to get you back in the field faster.

Multiple Varieties

We carry different crop kinds and varieties to help make sure you get the right variety that is specific to your farm.

No Hassle Loading

Your time is too valuable to be held up in line-ups in that busy season, we schedule our customers for loading.

Multiple Ways to Pay

We accept all types of Payment mode including MasterCard, Visa card, Debit card, and of course, cheques.

Delivery Available

Whether a big load or small, we can accommodate your request in a timely manner.

Seed Treating

Our state of the art seed treated is designed to apply the latest chemistry for seed protection and nutrition faster, safer and much more accurately than on-the-farm treatment methods.