Fabian Seed Farms
Fabian Seed Farms is happy to be Southern Alberta’s distributor for Cropland Solutions and their lineup of products.

Cropland Solutions believes they are an integral link between regenerative agronomy and your farm. In conjunction with Fabian Seed Farms, they provide farmers with solutions and farm plans that will help reduce chemical consumption and increase farm efficiency and synergy.

The business started out with a focus on organic production and inputs, but have since diversified to offer conventional, regenerative, and transitional farms the same opportunities to focus on soil and plant health while making the farming operation more efficient.

Optimize 6-in-1 Spray Booster

Optimize Plus is a water conditioner and acidifier that brings more benefits in one jug than any other water adjuster on the market. Not only does it condition water and acidifies spray water solutions, it works as a penetrating agent, an anti-drift agent, a wetting agent, has plant stress relieving properties, and has a color indicator to easily identify the correct pH.

Optimize Micro is an option that contains all of the same benefits as Optimize Plus, but also has 1% B, 1% Mn, 1% Zn and 5% S blended into the solution, and this would be the preferred product to use for in-crop sprays if no other nutrition is being added to the solution.

The Optimize lineup contains a blend of acetic acid, phosphoric acid and citric acid to bring a diverse range of benefits from each organic acid. There is a 24% amino acid content that helps to enhance the uptake of nutrients, or crop protection products, by chelating the compounds before they tie up with cations or other molecules in the water, rendering your nutrients or herbicide/fungicide less effective.

By using amino acids as a chelating/penetrating agent, this allows for quicker absorption and reduces losses of nutrients or chemicals dues to rain, wind and evaporation. Amino acids are some of nature’s best natural chelators and are the building blocks for peptides, which make up proteins. Plant proteins are fundamental for all enzymatic processes and nutrient transports into, and within, the plant.

The anti-drift properties allow you to apply your foliar sprays in higher wind conditions and customers have noticed significantly less chemical drift in winds gusting as high as 50 km/h (we definitely do not recommend spraying in those conditions, but it has been done with success).

The wetting agent allows for a more even dispersion of droplets along the leaf surface. This is done by reducing the surface tension of the solution, which increases the surface area contact of each droplet, which then increases the exchangeable sites for nutrient/chemical absorption. This ultimately helps to increase the speed of uptake and reduce rain fastness as well.

Contact our team if you’d like to learn more and understand why this product needs to be in every one of your in-crop foliar sprays!

Elite GraN

Elite GraN 9-4-0

Elite GraN 9-4-0 is an organic granular option of plant available nutrients to assist in the growth of soil biology to aid in unlocking bio-unavailable nutrients in the soil.

These granules are comprised of hydrolyzed proteins from feather meal, porcine meal, and other by-products with slow releasing properties. For best results, place the granules in-furrow alongside the seed at planting. Elite GraN 9-4-0 is sold in 1MT tote sacs or in bulk loads.

Elite PhoS 0-17-0-12

Elite PhoS 0-17-0-12 is an organic granular fertilizer that provides the much-needed phosphorus and sulphur to the crop. It is derived from rock phosphate, mixed with sulphur and active compost for a faster release of both nutrients, in a plant-available form.

For best results, apply it in-furrow alongside the seed at planting. This is sold in 1MT tote sacs or in bulk loads.

Elite Nitro

Elite Nitro 14-0-0

Elite Nitro 14-0-0 is an organic foliar fertilizer containing hydrolyzed proteins from plant-based sources. The 14% nitrogen content is derived from amino acids and not salty products, making the entire nitrogen content highly available, readily absorbed and easily accessible by the foliage.

For best results, apply to the crop at the early-mid vegetative stage no more than once per week. If looking to increase protein of grain, apply at the late vegetative to early flowering stage. This product is sold as a water-soluble dry powder, or as a liquid.

Need Financing Help?

Fabian Seed Farms is happy to offer financing options through Scotiabank’s Yield More Financing™ program. The Yield More Financing™ program provides a fast, flexible and convenient line of credit for use at Fabian Seed Farms, so you can stock up for the growing season without worrying about the upfront cost. We’re more than happy to help you sign up and get you set up for your growing season. Contact us today to get started.