Optimize Plus/Micro

Patented spray water conditioner. Acidifies spray water and reduces water hardness. Reduces chemical interactions with dissolved salts in spray water. The surfactant reduces drift during foliar applications and improves spray coverage on leaf surface. The color indicator system changes watercolor to pinkish orange when optimized. Bio-stimulant (with micronutrients in Optimize Micro) to assist in crop stress.

$42.50/L (approx. $0.87/ac)

Premier Gro (Elite) 10-10-10

Liquid foliar fertilizer with hydrolyzed proteins from plant sources, phosphorus and potassium in 100% plant available form. 10% N, 10% P and 10% K, plus a micronutrient package. Applied at 1-2L/ac.


Pholiar Plus

A unique blend of humic substances and seaweed extracts formulated to enhance phosphorus uptake. Chelates with phosphorus and prevents it from binding with calcium and magnesium Increases phosphorus availability in soil. Can be used in liquid starter, fertigated, or foliar fertilizer.

$25/L ($2.50/ac)

Elite Gran 9-4-0 (Organic Certified Product)

Plant available organic granules that provide much-needed nutrients for crops and assists in the growth of soil biology to unlock nutrients in the soil for plant growth. Granules, Hydrolyzed proteins from feather meal, porcine meal, and other by-products for slow release. To be used during seeding, in-furrow along with the seeds. Place in the seed row for the best result. Applied at 40-50 lbs/ac on cereals/flax and applied at 20-30 lbs/ac on legumes.

$2640/MT ($24-$60/ac, depending on rate)

Elite Phos 0-17-0-12 (Organic Certified Product)

Elite Phos 0-17-0-12S is an organic granular fertilizer that provides the much-needed phosphorus and sulphur. It is derived from rock phosphate mixed with elemental sulphur and active compost for faster release of both nutrients, in a plant available form. To be used during seeding, in-furrow with the seed. For best results use in fall or early spring to allow time for the phosphorus and sulfur to become available. Applied at 30-40 lbs/ac on cereals/flax and applied at 40-50 lbs/ac on legumes.

$1760/MT ($24-$40/ac, depending on rate)

Elite Nitro 14-0-0 (Organic Certified Product)

Elite Nitro 14-0-0 is a 100% water soluble organic powder containing hydrolyzed proteins from plant-based sources. The source of Nitrogen is from L-amino acids and not salts. The L-amino acids in the product are readily absorbed by the crops. It is designed to be used as a foliar spray but can be applied to the soil as well. It acts as a bio-stimulant to increase nutrient uptake and treats any nitrogen deficiencies in the plant. Dilute 1 lb of powder into 10L of water. Applied at 0.5-3 lbs/ac, depending on the desired use.

$7.95/lb in 44 lb bags

Elite N Fix (Organic Certified Product)

Organic water softener and conditioner that acidifies spray water to increase nutrient absorption in crops during foliar sprays. Also contains a color indicator to show when the ideal pH has been reached. To be used in all foliar sprays or to treat water for drip irrigation or other soil applied liquid applications. Use 50-100 mL per 10 US gal of water as a starting point. Use a pH meter or the color indicator to get more accuracy for desired results.


Prime Micro Calcium 5-0-0 + 12% Ca (Organic Certified Product)

Prime Micro Ca is a fine water-soluble calcium fertilizer chelated to Amino Acids. Prime Micro Ca is intended for use as a plant nutrient supplement for the correction of Calcium deficiencies. It may be used on all agricultural and horticultural crops that are required to respond to Calcium nutritional supplements. Apply at 1-2 lbs/ac as a foliar, or at higher rates for soil application, if desired, to treat soil calcium deficiencies. Please consult an agronomist if using rates higher than 2 lbs/ac. Dilute 1 lb of powder into 10L of water.

$8.18/lb in 55 lb bags

Prime Micro Copper 7-0-0 + 15% Cu (Organic Certified Product)

Prime Micro Cu is a fine water-soluble copper micronutrient fertilizer chelated to amino acids. Prime Micro Cu is intended for use as a plant nutrient supplement for the correction of documented copper deficiencies. It may be used on all agricultural, horticultural, and ornamental crops that are required to respond to copper nutritional supplements. Dilute 1 lb of powder into 25 L of water. Apply 0.5 lbs/ac.

$14.55/lb in 55 lb bags

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