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Earth Smart Solutions’ products are formulated using naturally occurring ingredients and sustainable sources including macro and micro-nutrients, enzymes, carbohydrates and amino acids. Ingredients that will sustain and enhance the health of eco systems and organisms from the smallest in the soil to human beings.

Earth Smart Solutions is Alberta’s exclusive dealer for Humic Growth Solutions, a world leading manufacturer and supplier that offers high quality humate products to fit almost every farm’s needs.

Humi[K] WSG

Humi[K] WSG (water soluble granule) is an organic certified granulated form of high-quality 99% humic acid content (tested at A&L Labs), to deliver you the most humic acid per granule, with little to no humins. These granules are water soluble but are best suited in granulated form to be placed in-furrow alongside the seed at planting. Humi[K] WSG also contains a minimum of 12% potash to add to the many benefits of humic acid.

Humic acid aids in the retention of supplemental nutrients from being lost through permeation in the soil profile or from being tied-up in a bio-unavailable form. It also helps in the retention of water, particularly in sandier soils, as well as helps to “open up” tight soils to allow oxygen and roots to move freely through the soil profile. Further to that, humic acid also acts as a buffer to help neutralize high or low pH soils, as well as helps to rectify saline unproductive soils.

Being that the Humi[K] WSG is such a concentrated humic acid granule, do NOT apply more than 10 lbs/ac in the seed furrow. There can be multiple applications per year if desired, but do not apply more than 10 lbs/ac per application.

If you plan on applying more than this rate per acre, then you run the risk of various issues. This may force your plants to expend inefficient amounts of photosynthetic energy to extract nutrients from the soil and depending on soil type, may over-flocculate and loosen soil structure too much. However, higher rates of application may be beneficial in soils with toxicity or compaction issues. Consult a Fabian Seed Farms representative for further information.


Inspire – Seed Starter

Inspire is a liquid, natural seed starter/seed coating and root growth promoter formulated with both macro and micro nutrients, amino acids, organic acids, root growth stimulants, enzymes, proteins, vitamins, minerals and beneficial microbes.

Inspire also contains constituents that stimulate indigenous microbes in the root zone and has proven to be a reliable performer in low and high rainfall areas and in all soil types except extremely calcareous soils.

Seed starters are effective against problems that occur in cold, wet soils, especially limited disturbance and no-till operations and in areas of low moisture. Seed starters are also effective against a broad spectrum of problems including seed decay, seedling diseases and soil pathogens.

Natural seed starters can make less available forms of soil phosphate available to plants, promote nitrogen fixation, root development and quick emergence, stimulate cell division and increase stress tolerance. In addition, seed treatments can increase the vigor of treated plants helping them resist damage by pathogenic fungi and damping off.

Humi[K] GYP

Humi[K] GYP is a homogenous granule of gypsum and humic acids designed to deliver and disperse gypsum through banded and broadcast applications with dry fertilizers. Humi[K] GYP use is suggested as a supplement to a regular, balanced fertilizer program to enhance yields and improve quality. Soil applications of Humi[K] GYP may be particularly beneficial in acidic soils or where calcium and sulphur in the soil is needed.

There is a 22% calcium + 17% sulphur content in each granule with Humi[K] power packed with cationic bridging, ionic exchanges, coordinate bonding and polydynamics for metabolic activities. Its nanoparticles, which make contact with gypsum and clay particles, create huge surface areas which in turn enhance micropores, in which roots, water and nutrients reside. This helps mass flow, root interceptions, and diffusion for nutrient movement in plant roots, namely an influx of slow nitrogen release.

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