Humic Acid

organic solution

Are you ready to revolutionize your plant nutrition and maximize your yields? Look no further than humic acid, a game-changing solution that can transform your crops. 

We proudly serve customers across Alberta and western Canada at Fabian Seed Farms, offering high-quality humic acid products that deliver exceptional results. Experience the remarkable benefits of humic acid and unlock your plants’ full potential.

Boost Plant Nutrition

Humic acid is vital in ensuring that plant roots receive the essential water and nutrients they need to thrive. As a group of molecules that bind to plant roots, humic acid is a powerful medium for delivering optimum nutrition to farmers and gardeners. 

Incorporating humic acid into your farming practices can foster healthier plants with improved nutrient absorption, as well as increase oxygen levels in the soil, which directly benefit soil biology.

Maximizing Plant-Soil Interaction

Humic acids uniquely bind to ionized nutrients, making them a crucial medium for transporting nutrients from the soil to the plant. These remarkable substances are naturally attracted to the depletion zone of plant roots, bringing along water and nutrients vital for plant growth. 

The depletion zone, an area close to the root, can become depleted without sufficient humic acid, leading to nutrient deficiencies. You can optimize the vital plant-soil interaction with humic acid, ensuring your crops receive the necessary nourishment.

Harnessing the Power of High Humic Acid Levels

Discover the wide range of benefits that high humic acid levels can bring to your crops:

  1. Enhanced Nutrient Uptake: Humic acid amends soil by improving plant nutrient uptake through foliar and soil applications. By making essential nutrients more accessible, humic acid acts as a valuable partner to fertilizers, maximizing their effectiveness.
  2. Shielding from Toxins: Humic acid provides a protective barrier for plants, preventing the absorption of harmful molecules and toxins from the soil. Your crops can thrive in a safe and healthy environment.
  3. Moisture Retention: Humic acids have the remarkable ability to attract and retain moisture. Through their negative charge, humic acid molecules attach themselves to water molecules, preventing excessive water loss and ensuring optimal soil moisture levels for your plants.
  4. Microbial Support: Humic acid promotes the growth of beneficial microbes in the soil, fostering a healthy microbiome. By acting as a source of carbon, humic acid offers food and shelter to microbes, creating a thriving ecosystem that supports plant health.
  5. Soil Structure Enhancement: Humic acid binds with soil particles, improving the overall structure of the soil. In high-clay and compacted soils, humic acid promotes healthy root growth, while in loose low-clay soils, it enhances water retention by binding loose particles together.

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