Organic Products

All products listed on this page are approved for organic production by at least one of the following agencies

Dry Seed Dressing
Dry blend of fungal, bacterial, worm casting, chitin composts with microbial foods and biostimulants
Liquid Seed Dressing
Liquid extraction of fungal, bacterial, worm casting, and chitin composts with microbial foods and biostimulants
Liquid In-furrow
A balanced blend of microbes designed for a soil application
Liquid Foliar
An aerobic blend of microbes with a bacterial dominance designed to live on the leaf surface
Liquid Residue Digester
A fungal dominated blend of microbes designed to break down crop residue
3-1-8 + Micro Pack
6-2-4 + Micro Pack
AmiN o13
24% Ca; 17% S
Pulse Primer
10% Ca
Sunalta B
4-0-0; 10% Borate
5% Ca
0-0-12 w/12% Humic acid
Agriflora Soil (Biological)
Bacillus sp. 4×10⁹ cfu/ml for in-furrow
Agriflora Foliar (Biological)
Bacillus sp. 4×10⁹ cfu/ml for foliar
0.25% Kin, 0.13% Ca, 0.08% Mg, 6% Kelp, 5% Yucca
Opal Insecticidal Soap
Potassium salts of fatty acids (47%)
Opal2 Insecticidal Soap
Potassium salts of fatty acids (50.5%)
SopH tner95
Water softner/chelating agent
non-ionic surfactant, spreader, activator
0-0-3 w/ 3% Fulvic acid
Boron Powder
20.5% B
Citric Acid Powder
pH balancing
Tiger 90
Elemental Sulphur 90% S
Liquid 0-0-14
NTS Life Force BAM
Beneficial Anaerobic Microbes
NTS Life Force Bio-N
Nitrogen-fixing microbes. Azotobacter
NTS Life Force Bio-P
Azotobacter and Bacillus subtilis to release phos in soil
NTS Life-Force Super Active
Bioavailable micronized 0-27-0 + 29% Ca
NTS Dia-Life Pure
Micronized suspension of diatomaceous earth (12.5% Si)
NTS Tri-Kelp
Laminaria, Sargassum, Ascophyllum nodosum
Magnesium Sulfate
48.3% Mg + 12.7% S
Manganese Sulfate
31.5% Mn + 18.5% S
Molasses, black strap
Surgar cane molasses w/ 85% brix
MycoApply Ultrafine Endo
4 species mycorrhizal inoculant
Concentrate of at least 89 different ocean minerals
Oceanic hydrolysate containing salmon, crab, and shrimp
Sugar Cane
100% pure sugar cane
10% Liquid Calcium
TrueHume 80G 0-0-5
80% humic granules
TrueHume 80P 0-0-5
80% humic powder
Ascophyllum nodosum
N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S, Humic acid, Kelp, and EndoMicorrhizae
Liquid N, K, Ca, Mg, B, and Zn
50% yucca schidigera extract
Water softener and conditioner to acidify spray water
Elite Force
To control weeds in Organic Farms, around the bins and driveways as needed
Elite GraN 9-4-0
Hydrolyzed proteins from feather, porcine, and other by-products
Elite GRO 10-0-4
Derrived from plant proteins. Water-soluble powder or liquid
Elite Nitro 14-0-0
80% Hydrolyzed amino acids. Water-soluble powder or liquid
Elite PhoS 0-17-0-12S
P + S made with active compost for faster release
Pholiar Plus
Activated humic based biostimulant to enhance phos availability
Prime Micro Calcium
water-soluble 5-0-0 + 12% Ca. Chelated with amino acids
Prime Micro Copper
water-soluble 7-0-0 + 15% Cu. Chelated with amino acids
Vigor Plus Seed & Soil Booster Kit
Humic, fulvic, kelp, seaweed and worm casting extracts
(*denotes pending OMRI certification)
Humi[K] WSP (water soluble powder)
95% humic acid powder for solubilizing for liquid applications. 0-0-12
Humi[K] WSG (water soluble granule)
99% humic acid granule for dry fertilizer applications. 0-0-12
Humi[K] Phos
balanced blend of Rock Phos and humic acid. 0-7-0 + 27% Ca + 11% Si
A natural plant protector and soil conditioner
Stubble and trash digester
Natural seed starter with macros + micros, amino and organic acids, root growth stimulants, vitamins, minerals and beneficial microbes
Broad-spectrum super concentrated liquid fertilizer for use in reduced synthetic fertilizer programs
Natural soil builder for depleted soils and accelerates natural decomposition in liquid form
Pasture and grassland liquid fertilizer
SPE-120 (dry powder)
Beauveria bassiana; a beneficial fungus that forms a symbiotic relationship with plants
SPE-120 ES (liquid)
Beauveria bassiana; a beneficial fungus that forms a symbiotic relationship with plants