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Representing OMEX
in Alberta

Fabian Seed Farms represents OMEX Canada and resells OMEX products to local Alberta farmers. Their broad-spectrum liquid fertility can be custom catered for almost every situation, meeting all your fertility needs. Whether that be seed primers, liquid in-furrow starters, hail recovery programs, foliar nutrition (which can be tank-mixed with herbicides), or PGRs and Biostimulants to increase branching and reduce lodging risk. They also carry a line of organic products, spray adjuvants, and other industry-leading liquid fertility amendments.

TnT Starter Liquid Fertilizer

TnT Starter liquid is designed to deliver faster, stronger and more even germination for your crops, without spending your valuable time in the spring mixing products together. What’s your time in the spring worth? TnT Starter is an all-in-one blend of Starter P (9-32-2) which has a combination of Poly/Ortho Phos, TPA and Carboxylate, 12% humic acid, Sunalta Boron, along with a micro-package that includes Zn, Cu, Mn and Fe.

Did you know, that 45 days after you apply phosphorus to the soil, regardless if its dry, liquid, poly/ortho phosphate, that 100% of it is tied-up and bio-unavailable? TnT Starter works by protecting the phosphorus with TPA + Carboxylate to reduce its tie-up time (up to 90 days) with calcium/magnesium in high pH soils, and iron/aluminum in low pH soils, improving bioavailability to your crops throughout the growing season. When you use TnT Starter, you improve your soil health, root health, and help your plants cope with early-season environmental stressors, such as frost. Being that it has a low salt index of 8.4 and is a stabilized fertilizer blend, it is a seed-safe option to place directly into the seed furrow and is safe for mixing with biological products, like EcoTea.



StimPro-K is a natural hormone-based plant growth regulator for under $5/ac, to reduce lodging and increase branching on all types of crops including cereals, legumes, oil seeds, as well as fruits and vegetables. How this mode of action differentiates from conventional PGR’s, is that instead of stopping photosynthesis for 10 days to “shorten” the plant, it stimulates gene expression to redirect growth to lateral branching instead of focusing on apical meristematic growth.

Tank-mix StimPro-K with your herbicide prior to the 5 leaf stage on cereals and before the 7th node on pulses, to increase the rate of cell division, differentiation, and growth. When StimPro-K is used later in the season during seed/pod set, it will increase the cells’ size, leading to a larger seed, higher thousand kernel weight (TKW), and more uniform maturity of the harvested grain. This ultimately leads to more weight per acre and equates to more money in your pocket!


OrganoHume™ 0-0-12 is a 12% liquid humic acid formulation of extracted humate from leonardite ore. OrganoHume™ is perfect for weathered soil or sandy/light soils with a low Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) and can be tank-mixed with liquid fertilizer to help hold onto nutrients from being leached/lost to the environment. In a tight soil, OrganoHume™ helps to open up the soil to allow more oxygen flow between the particles and allows roots to penetrate further into the soil profile. An application of soil applied humic acid can also help increase your soil’s water holding capacity and is strongly recommended for most dryland farmers. Higher rates are recommended for lands suffering from drought, salinity or other toxicity issues.

OrganoHume™ acts as a natural chelating agent, binding to nutrients in the soil. A plant’s roots absorb these nutrient compounds which effectively increases the efficiency of the plants uptake of nutrients and decreases nutrients losses caused by leaching.

This liquid formulation has been filtered multiple times and contains soluble humates (a combination of humic and fulvic acids, containing little to no humins) that can also be used as a foliar spray, fertilizer enhancer or a soil amendment to maximize nutrient uptake. OrganoHume™ is also a great source of potassium, aiding to an extremely well-balanced fertility program.

OrganoHume™ improves soil quality, moisture retention and infiltration. Humates will help boost your plant growth, root health, biological proliferation and environmental resilience. It will also enhance your seed germination, allowing for better yield.

P3 Advanced Calcium Nutrition

P3 Advanced Calcium Nutrition is a low salt calcium-based liquid fertilizer used for in-crop spray. P3 is designed to help with root growth, nodule development and above-ground vegetative growth for pulse crops (peas, chickpeas, lentils).

OMEX has formulated it with Stress Relief Technology™ to aid during stress periods, offsetting the energy re-allocation. P3 will help with early season stress, boosting your crop’s metabolism. Use P3 at the same time as you apply herbicide on your pulse crops.

The calcium in P3 helps your plants increase cell division as well as boosting cell wall development. Having a continual supply of calcium is essential as it isn’t very mobile in the soil or plant. Need a calcium boost to help with your crop’s metabolic health and help with growth? Contact Fabian Seed Farms today!

Hail Recovery Formulations

In Alberta, farmers are no strangers to hailstorms that can affect our crops. OMEX has the capability of custom blending a hail recovery program for whatever crop you may be growing. These are custom-tailored to each situation, region, crop type, crop stage, and percentage of damage sustained.

They contain plant triggers to heighten the plant’s immune response and nutrition to heal open wounds, thereby helping to prevent vectors for disease. Vitamins and biostimulants are also added to further reinvigorate and stimulate the crop back into performance mode again. We have had fantastic results with these custom-formulated products (blended by a phytopathologist) on our own farm, as well as our clients.

In most cases, the products can be shipped to the delivery point within 48 hrs, so when the field is dry enough to apply, you are ready to go. Contact the Fabian Seed Farms team for more specific information. We’re more than happy to help.

Need Financing Help?

Fabian Seed Farms is happy to offer financing options through Scotiabank’s Yield More Financing™ program. The Yield More Financing™ program provides a fast, flexible and convenient line of credit for use at Fabian Seed Farms, so you can stock up for the growing season without worrying about the upfront cost. We’re more than happy to help you sign up and get you set up for your growing season. Contact us today to get started.