Cover Crops


Tillage Radish® is one of the few products commercialized specifically as a cover crop because of its performance during 10+ years of screening. It’s a good choice for those with little or no experience in growing cover crops.

POWERFUL TAPROOT One key to its rapid growth is the strong taproot that can reach down to 6 ft. or more, bringing up nutrients from lower in the soil and creating root channels for the following crop that have been proven to increase corn rooting mass at lower depths in the soil. This increase in corn rooting mass and depth increases corn yields.

MORE BIOMASS Because of its rapid fall growth, Tillage Radish® accumulates more fall biomass than any other species, taking up more nitrogen, potassium and sulfur than other cover crops grown in this time frame. This rapid growth will also outcompete most fall weeds, and these weed suppressing benefits can last through spring.

EASY CONTROL In areas where it is winter-terminated, no separate herbicide application is necessary in the spring. Because of winter termination and the low C:N ratio, nutrients scavenged by Tillage Radish® are more available to the subsequent crop. When used as part of a grazing mix with small grains or annual ryegrass, it can increase protein and minerals as well as overall yield in the spring.

Several properties of Tillage Radish® make it an excellent cover crop for use in many rotations.

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