Gardeners have a lot of options when shopping for products, and you will come across inorganic or synthetic garden fertilizers, which are both plentiful and inexpensive. It’s easy to reach for these products, especially when you hear that they work well at the moment and make a garden beautiful, but you need to be careful about the products you select and consider the future of your garden. 

Organic fertilizer is the better choice because this option will ensure the health of your garden in the long run, whereas synthetic fertilizers will really only do the job for the time being. While it’s tempting to think only about the present moment, consider the big picture and focus on the future of your garden to achieve better results. 

What are the advantages of organic fertilizer?

They work slowly

The soil has to first break down organic fertilizers in order for them to work, which means both the soil and the plants within it will get the nutrition they need when they need it. While it’s true that synthetic fertilizers work fast, they often overfeed the plants and don’t actually do anything for the soil and can even damage your plants by burning them.

They help improve the soil

Organic fertilizers will improve the texture of your soil and allow it to hold water longer. It will also increase the bacterial and fungal activity in the soil, which means it does more than just assist your plants and also helps the soil. Synthetic fertilizers will actually deplete your soil of its nutrients and make it unproductive, and this will make it very challenging for you to grow anything with the soil.

It is safe

Organic fertilizers are perfectly safe for the environment and your family and pets. You will feel confident with your choice, but the same cannot be said about synthetic fertilizers, which require a significant amount of fossil fuels to produce and process and often run off into nearby water sources like streams and lakes.

Easy to apply

Organic fertilizers can be added to your soil or sprayed on your leaves and are just as easy to use as synthetic fertilizers. Regardless of how you use them, organic fertilizers will add many benefits to your garden and offer the same amount of convenience and ease as chemical fertilizers.

Organic fertilizers are produced entirely of natural raw materials of plant or animal origin and are mostly based on manure or compost. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the nutrients in organic fertilizers and are released when soil organisms like beneficial bacteria and fungi break down the fertilizer pellets.


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