Mixing fertilizers can be dangerous, which is why you need to do your research before you start mixing any chemicals. Not all fertilizers can mix safely, and you must check labels and test properly to ensure you can mix fertilizers safely and not cause damage to your crops. 

The last thing you want to deal with is fertilizers that cause problems or slow operations, and you must focus on compatible fertilizers. Compatible refers to fertilizers that do not produce any gas like ammonia or carbon dioxide and fertilizers that mix into either a clear solution with no solid fallout or a suspension where the suspended material can remain suspended for longer than a few days. 

Compatible Fertilizers

When mixed, the solution should always stay cool as this can be dangerous and compatible fertilizers should be able to be used in farming equipment without plugging filters, screens or nozzles. 

Proprietary technology is required for superior compatibility. This acts as an encapsulation agent that keeps the different compounds in the solution from reacting with each other, resulting in an inert mix. Products with fairly neutral pH are also ideal, as mixing products that are alkaline may result in the production of gasses, heat or significant fallout. Additionally, extra care must always be taken with acidic products, especially when mixed with alkaline products. 

Always Test Before Mixing

Performing a jar test will help prevent unnecessary headaches, and this is especially true when adding agrochemicals. The use of different additives and carriers can cause adverse reactions, and you need to test before mixing to prevent serious consequences. Remember that there is always a chemical reaction when you do a jar test, which is why you need to proceed with care. It is also recommended that growers submit water samples to an accredited lab for analysis if a fertilizer product is to be used in fertigation. This is especially important for pH, hardness and bicarbonate, and most alkaline or hard irrigation water will cause fertilizer products to react and create a buildup of fallout in lines. Neutralizing your water with a sulfuric or carboxylic acid injection system will help solve this problem. 


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